Q&A with Lieutenant Joseph Longo of the Madison Police Department

Lieutenant Joseph Longo, Support Services Division Commander of the Madison Police Department in Madison, NJ, recently sat down with CargoRAXX to discuss his feedback. Lieutenant Longo’s Ford Utility PPVs have been equipped with CargoRAXX for almost a year now. See our discussion below:

What is your role with the department?

I am the Support Services Division Commander for the Madison Police Department. My responsibilities include administration, traffic safety, purchasing, communications, technology, fleet and accreditation. My chief refers to me as his “gadget guy”.

Why did you purchase CargoRAXX?

It was first brought to my attention by our Chief Darren Dachisen, who saw a demonstration of the product and thought it would meet our needs. When we went to Ford Utilities, we tried solutions that didn’t work for us because they were either too heavy, expensive, and didn’t allow easy access to spare tire.

We wanted something lightweight and reasonably priced that gives me the ability to store equipment in a very organized manner. Unfortunately, my mother is very organized and therefore I am too…you can come check my closet if you want to.

What are some of your favorite features of our product?

The product is perfect for the amount of equipment we have to store in the back of a patrol vehicle. It’s very easy for every piece of equipment to have a home. It utilizes dead space in the back of our vehicles and helps to store any equipment not used that often like a fire extinguisher or flares.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your fleet since you added CargoRAXX?

The guys like it. When the guy’s like it, they tend to put stuff back where it belongs. When the guys put stuff where it belongs then the equipment stays organized, they care for the equipment more and the equipment will hold up more. Also, the Sergeant in charge of the monthly vehicle checks quickly determine if any equipment is missing. Because everything is organized and it’s so easy to identify if something is missing, these checks go much quicker. The officers are more organized if you give them the proper platform; once everything has a space they will respect it and put stuff back where it belongs.

What would you tell other departments considering CargoRAXX?

It’s a no-brainer. It’s hard to see it and believe it because again, we’re not talking about an expensive unit. The product is a cost-effective solution and on the back-end, you’ll see equipment getting taken care of more. The days of police officers just tossing things in the back of their vehicles is gone. When everything has a place, it will be respected.

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