"CargoRAXX is a well thought out and practical product that will help emergency services better manage and access necessary emergency equipment."
– Chatham, NJ Police Chief Philip Crosson

What is CargoRAXX

CargoRAXX is a storage system designed to help police, fire and EMTs maximize the organization of their patrol gear in their SUVs. The rack creates a second level of storage to double the useful cargo area while maintaining clear visibility out of the rear-view window. Our mounts secure your every-day equipment in a uniform location, including your fire extinguisher, flares, glove box, caution tape and entry-tool. We also offer blue and red reflective tape for added visibility, and an electronics box to secure your equipment underneath our rack against the prisoner cage or as a standalone box.

The trays are universal for the Ford PIU, Chevy Tahoe, Dodge Durango and Ford Expedition. They can be switched in and out of different vehicles by replacing the side brackets, making them a favorite among fleet managers looking to re-use equipment through multiple builds.

Who We Are

CargoRAXX was designed with a large city department to maximize the space in their marked patrol vehicles back in 2015. The electronics box was designed with a local State Police agency for their marked vehicles and has proved to be a popular design across the country - we are now proudly serving all 50 states and 4 Canadian provinces. All of our products are manufactured by our parent company - a 4th generation metal manufacturer based in northern New Jersey, which has been fabricating parts for the military, medical, and aerospace industries for 110 years.

"We have take home cars and carry so much equipment these days. CargoRAXX was the best system out there to keep everything secure and organized."
– Sevierville, TN Patrol Officer Mark McNabney
"When I first learned about CargoRAXX a few years ago, I was immediately impressed by the design and quality of their product. Since then I have been just as impressed by the continued customer service and other storage options that have been offered. I do not hesitate to do business with this company and the owner has been very responsive to his customers."
– Allenhurst, NJ Police Chief Michael Schneider
"Fast shipping, excellent and very detailed assembly instructions, great customer service! The unit is very well made and works great in our application. Looking forward to installing in the rest of the fleet!"
– Lanesborough, MA Police Chief Jason Costa

2020-2025 Ford PIU Hard Mount Organizer (Part # S4C) with Fully Loaded Package with Standard Halligan Mount (Part # FL PACKAGE S)

Electronics Box – available with rack mounted on top

To receive a quote or place an order with credit card or PO, contact:
1-844-867-RAXX (7299)

Other Products

Our electronics box (Part # BOX-1) was designed to work in conjunction with our tray. Equipment can be mounted on our optional door panel (Part # BOX-1-DOOR-PANEL) for easy access to equipment when servicing. The door unhinges and can be pulled off the door for easy access.

Our Tahoe Floor Leveler (Part # TAH-LEVELER-1) was designed to even out the dip in the floor in the 2021-Newer Chevy Tahoe. This product works in conjunction with all rear partitions and is useful as a mounting platform for our electronics box.

Utility/Weapons Drawer (UWD-1) Features
  • This is NOT your typical wall-of-metal that takes up all your storage space. Our rack/drawer combo allows for 11.5 inches of storage space underneath the drawer - you can still access your spare tire and store large bags and cones underneath, while utilizing all your favorite features of our CargoRAXX.
  • Comes with a lockable t-handle and removable slides.
  • Optional Santa Cruz gun locks - SC-1B and SC-1-AR (SC-6 not compatible).
  • Can be retrofitted to existing large CargoRAXX with a template for drilling holes.
  • Electronics box can still be utilized underneath the rack and behind the drawer. The electronics box is fully-accessible without removing the drawer.
Lidded Secured Rack (LB) Features
  • Basically our CargoRAXX with a lockable lid - good for unmarked vehicles without a partition to protect gear flying towards the front of the vehicle in an accident.
  • Can be mounted where the normal CargoRAXX gets mounted or on the floor of the cargo area.
  • Can mount our new drawer underneath for a 2-lockable compartment solution.
  • Bolt-on options available include flare/glove boxes, Santa Cruz gun-locks - SC-1B and SC-1-AR (SC-6 not compatible) - and blue reflective tape.

Police Vehicle Compatibility Information

Police SUV CargoRAXX
Model S3A
Model S3B
Model S3E
Model S4C
Model S4D
Ford Police Interceptor Utility
Ford Expedition
Chevy Tahoe PPV
Chevy Tahoe PPV
Dodge Durango SSV