Fire Extinguisher Mount – available for all vehicle models

Universal extinguisher mount with velcro strap – best for 5 and 10 lb extinguishers.


Flare Canisters  – available in most vehicle models

Reinforced canisters that hold up to 20 flares each.


Caution Tape/Utility Hook – available for all vehicle models

Snap-on hook for front of the tray – holds one roll.


Halligan/Ax/Sledgehammer Mount – available for all vehicle models

Two (2) steel brackets with rubber clips that secure to the front of the tray – two size options depending on size of tool:

Standard Clips (for standard Halligan tool): holds 5/8″ to 1 3/8” diameter tools

Large Clips (Sledgehammer, JTC Claw, larger Halligans. most axes): holds 1″ to 2.25″ diameter tools




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