Ford PIU Fully Loaded Package


Fire Extinguisher Mount

Halligan Mount

Caution Tape / Utility Hook

  Flare / Glove Boxes (2)

Blue or Red Reflective Tape

Fire Extinguisher Mount – available for all vehicle models

Universal extinguisher mount with velcro strap – best for 5 and 10 lb extinguishers.

 Flare / Glove Boxes – available in most vehicle models

Flare / Glove Boxes that hold up to 12 flares or 1 glove box

Caution Tape/Utility Hook – available for all vehicle models

Snap-on hook for front of the tray – holds one roll.

Halligan/Ax/Sledgehammer Mount – available for all vehicle models

Two (2) steel brackets with rubber clips that secure to the front of the tray – two size options depending on size of tool:

Standard Clips (for standard Halligan tool): holds 5/8″ to 1 3/8” diameter tools

Large Clips (Sledgehammer, JTC Claw, larger Halligans. most axes): holds 1″ to 2.25″ diameter tools

Blue or Red Reflective Tape – available for all vehicle models

1/2” blue or red reflective tape for increased visibility. Attached on the front lip of the tray.




CargoRAXX Electronics Box

Works in conjunction with our S4C (2020-2023 Ford PIU) and S3B (2021-2023 Chevy Tahoe) racks.

Electronics can be accessed without removing the rack. With equipment mounted on the door
plate, you can easily work on electronics while the door is open on the floor.

S4C with Electronics Box Underneath (Closed and Open)

Utility / Weapons Drawer (UWD-1)


– Can be mounted underneath our CargoRAXX or underneath the secured rack (LB)

– Comes with a lockable t-handle and removable slides

– Same optional Santa Cruz gun locks – SC-1B and SC-1-AR (SC-6 not compatible)

– Can be retrofitted to existing large CargoRAXX with a template for drilling holes

– Electronics box can still be utilized underneath the rack and behind the drawer.


– CargoRAXX with a lockable lid – good for unmarked vehicles without a partition to protect gear flying towards the front of the vehicle in an accident.

– Can be mounted where the normal CargoRAXX gets mounted or on the floor of the cargo area.

– Can mount our new drawer underneath for a 2-lockable compartment solution.

– Bolt-on options available include flare/glove boxes, Santa Cruz gun-locks – SC-1B and SC-1-AR (SC-6 not compatible) – and blue reflective tape


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