Ford PIU Fully Loaded Package


Fire Extinguisher Mount

Halligan Mount

Caution Tape / Utility Hook

  Flare / Storage Canisters

Fire Extinguisher Mount – available for all vehicle models

Universal extinguisher mount with velcro strap – best for 5 and 10 lb extinguishers.

 Flare / Storage Canisters  – available in most vehicle models

Reinforced canisters that hold up to 20 flares each.

Caution Tape/Utility Hook – available for all vehicle models

Snap-on hook for front of the tray – holds one roll.

Halligan/Ax/Sledgehammer Mount – available for all vehicle models

Two (2) steel brackets with rubber clips that secure to the front of the tray – two size options depending on size of tool:

Standard Clips (for standard Halligan tool): holds 5/8″ to 1 3/8” diameter tools

Large Clips (Sledgehammer, JTC Claw, larger Halligans. most axes): holds 1″ to 2.25″ diameter tools

Blue Reflective Tape – available for all vehicle models

1/2” blue reflective tape for increased visibility. Attached on the front lip of the tray.

Internal Flare / Storage Box (for Large Tray)

Internal flare / storage box in Tahoe, Expedition, Durango, and Large Combo units in Ford PIUs – holds 9 flares.

CargoRAXX Rear Leg Partition Barrier – Available only for 2020-2022 Ford PIU

Easily-removable rear-leg plate that protects electronics mounted against the partition. Four screws secure to threaded inserts in the rear leg for easy installation and removal.


CargoRAXX Electronics Box

Works in conjunction with our S4C (2020-2023 Ford PIU) and S3B (2021-2023 Chevy Tahoe) racks.

Electronics can be accessed without removing the rack. With equipment mounted on the door
plate, you can easily work on electronics while the door is open on the floor.

S4C with Electronics Box Underneath (Closed and Open)


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