CargoRAXX™ utilizes a universal 43” wide x 20” deep tray that works in all police SUV models 2020 and newer (to switch between models, simply replace the side brackets). The rack doubles your storage while our bolt-on options provide a uniform set-up for your patrol vehicles. The product is durable (1/8” thick T-6 aluminum with reinforced welded corners) yet lightweight – weighing under 35 lbs.

Our options include the fire extinguisher mount (universal for 5 and 10 lb extinguishers), halligan/sledge mounts, flare / glove box storage, blue reflective tape and caution tape/utility hooks for all vehicle models.

We also offer electronic storage boxes for the Ford PIU and Chevy Tahoe and a floor leveler for the 2021-2024 Chevy Tahoe.